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Sending email response with attachment to a form

I need to implement “download white paper” form which will automatically send email with attachment to the user who leaves his email. How to do this in Webflow?

Hi Victoria we don’t have auto responders in Webflow, but we do want to add them in the future! There may be a way to set it up though a Mailchimp Autoresponder. So when the user signs up (look up Mailchimp integration in Webflow) they then get an email from you. I’m not sure how to set it up, but after some digging you’ll find some answers.

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This can also be done with custom actions in GMail, and i’m sure other email providers have similar functionality.

Could you help me out with those custom actions in Gmail?
I have a similar problem. I need my user to get an automatically generated e-mail with a download link by sending a form. How can I set this up with gmail?

Thanks so much in advance!