Sending a Image to another page

Hi All,

Can anyone could help me?

Was wondering if there was a way to duplicate an image to another page via a link or a button? The same way an image of a product is duplicated when added to a cart?

Hope that makes sense!

Look forward to hearing peoples suggestions

Hi @Archie_Designer,

Duplicated in what manner to the other page? Where would it be duplicated to?

You could setup a div on two different page with the image in it and give it a class name.

Or do you mean in a dynamic way when you press the button (any Button) it will be present on the other page?

Your question is very vague, please specify more as to what the actual outcome is supposed to me?

Hi @QA_Brandon,

Thank you for replying!

I am building a website for a client that’s purpose is to show off their products. They want users to be able to add their favourite products a ‘lookbook’ which will be a slider or lightbox made of images. So I need to be able to dynamically duplicate product images to the lookbook when a user presses a ‘add to lookbook’ button on a product page.

Hope that helps.

Look forward to hearing your solution!

Hi @Archie_Designer,

Unfortunately Webflow does not have this capability natively. You may need to add a 3rd party plugin for this to work. You might also be able to get this to work, but it would be a lot of custom code. And this is where a paid developer would be needed.

Hi @QA_Brandon

Thank you for your help.

That’s a shame. Is it possible to do this without the slider or lightbox or is it dynamically duplicating the image that’s the problem?

The 2nd part!

Wish i better news. That’s basically adding items to a cart without using the cart feature. However u probably want them to be able to save. Until the user accounts are available this won’t be native.

Now u could probably find a 3rd party app or maybe even custom code could work but wouldn’t even know where to start with that!

No worries, thanks you for giving me clarity on this issue!