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Send Variant Choices from site to Foxycart


I have a client for whom I’m setting up an online store, and we’ve decided to use Foxycart to handle checkout.

The customer can choose from two different custom options categories, which create uniquely priced variants. The options are common among all products, but some options are not compatible with each other, and this depends on the product. I’d like these options to be chosen on the same page as the “add to cart” button, but I can only figure out how to send the name, price and SKU through the link in Foxycarts sample code.

When testing, the price gets updated for the specific variant, but not the name, and so I need a way to make sure that information gets to the cart.

Edit: forgot the actual question, my bad!

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?

Hi Kyler.
We’re already chatting via email, but if anyone has questions about variants (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to email us: