Send email notification after CMS item update

Hey everyone!

My CMS collection list contains an ‘email address’ and a ‘switch’ toggle (that I want to ideally be the trigger to automate a confirmation email to the email address in that same collection list.

Is there a way to achieve this using Integromat? I currently have an integromat scenario that triggers an email send to the email address when the CMS is created as a draft but I’m stuck on how to send another one once the toggle is on/CMS item is live.


I think this would be fairly straightforward.

You’d want to take advantage of Webhooks and trigger on a CMS update.

Within Integromat, you’d filter for that specific ‘switch’ toggle value. If it exists (and is set to what you want) you allow the Scenario to continue and pop off an email. If not, it stops there and no email is sent.

Happy to go into more detail if any of that isn’t clear.

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Hey @ChrisDrit thanks for replying!

I’m a bit new to using Integromat/automation tools. Could you please go into more detail if possible? And If I want to include the live item URL/slug in the automated email - is it just mapping the url from the Webflow ‘create an item’ module into the body of the email?

Here’s a screenshot of my current scenario from airtable > webflow (create an item as draft) > Sends two email confirmations (1. submission confirmation to the user and 2. to me to publish the item live). I am stuck on sending another automated email to the user for when I publish the item live (trigger through the toggle).

Thanks heaps.

That’s exactly correct :smiley:

Number 1 looks good. Number 2, why not publish the item live when it’s created from Make/Integromat?

I envisioned you simply have that toggle CMS item and flip it on when you want to send the email to that user. That way you don’t need to worry about publishing the item live versus staging.

Did that make sense? I can walk you through that if it helps…