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Send Data from Form to Email

Hey Guys,

As always love Webflow!

Now on to the question. I have a client who wants a form that emails the information entered to an email address. I love Jot Form and the custom embedded code option. However, I am very supportive of webflow and want to keep my business and coding into the webflow system.

What is the easiest way to accomplish this task? I have searched Google and looked through the forums and I did not see any posts on this so far - if they are I apologize ahead of time for missing them.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions and how to do this feat.

Thanks Guys and as always Thank You personally for such an awesome website building tool.

Sean K

The Webflow form does this for you. It stores the information in your Dashboard and can send the information to an email. You can setup who the email is sent to through your dashboard.

Hope this is what you are looking for :smile:

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Thank you @AlexN I guess I needed to dig around the dashboard a little more.

Again, thank you.

Sean K

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