Send a copy of received form data to person submitting it

I am analyzing WebFlow for my company. I came across WebFlow form to submit customer inquiries.

The issue I am having is that once Customer Submit the form, only I am receiving the confirmation. I would also like customer to receive the notification. Just wondering if this is possible. Here are the input fields I am using:

and Submit button.

Please let me know how I can send a copy to sender as well?

Hi @andy2015, at the moment, using Webflow’s built in Forms, it is not possible to send notifications to the the site visitor who is submitting the form.

We can look at this in a future update. List the functionality you need on the Wish List here:

Cheers, Dave

That i just typed in somwhere else…
Do your very best Dave!!! this can’t be hard, but it will get me 1 customer for sure…
other option is to host myself… but i don’t like that!

Link does not work anymore! @cyberdave

Hi @Koen, sorry which link? Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave, the link last above in this forum

This is the message you get from the above link:

  • “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”

Is this the correct link ?

Hi @Revolution, yes it appears the link you gave is the new one and correct one, sorry about that, somehow that old link got changed. Thanks for letting me know. Cheers, Dave

Dave, its time for a small update! i have now 5 customers who really need this, and i refuse to make a custom form!!!