Selling products for pick-up


I wonder if anyone would be keen to help me figure out struggle selling my products for pick-up.

I want to sell two products (fresh produce) that is in small and large variants with slightly different produce in each . I want the costumer to be able to choose one of them and choose the right week and day for pick-up. I have Tuesdays and Fridays for now.

I have tested everything but can’t get it to work. I have done a collection of weeks and variants of a product of large and small but the day isn’t there. With this solution i have changed the shipping to look like pick- up days but it doesn’t say what date it is which leaves the user to have to remember what week they chose from the beginning.

I hope someone is understanding what I’m trying to do and maybe help me out :pray: Thanks a lot!


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On your checkout page couldn’t you add a datepicker and set the days that are valid for orders?

Hi, Oh is that possible? I need to get that day displayed in the email sent to the costumer as well. I have searched around but can’t found anything about it. Any idea how?

My best, Daniel

You would need to add some custom code but you should be able to find examples if you search for datepicker e.g. jqueryui you can then apply some extra logic to validate the date selected.
As for emails unless you build a custom order workflow you are limited to the configuration allowed in the email settings.

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