Selling Points to Sway Clients Toward Webflow from Wordpress

Dear Webflow Hive,

I’m new to WF, but McLoving it dearly. Thinking ahead, I’m trying to formulate talking points to present to future clients for convincing them to build their site/blog in WF vs. Wordpress, as I already know that is going to come up in the conversation. In particular, I would need to justify the $192/year for CMS hosting vs. the $30/year shared hosting for their site.

Being that I am still getting used to WF and learning about it, these are the selling points that immediately come to mind:

  • Easy to use editor interface right in the browser
  • Site/blog can be custom designed
  • Way more secure
  • Amazon server hosting vs. shared hosting (speed, downtime, etc.)
  • Less time for me to design, deploy, and maintain as the designer
  • e-Commerce coming!
  • Built-in features vs. purchasing plugins or themes

What am I missing as key selling points?


Yep, good list, and you can probably add stability, not needing to rely on multiple plugins from different sources too. There are a few threads on the forum about how others sell it, and you can also find examples elsewhere - see @Ran_Segall channel for example:

In case you’ve not seen these:


Hi @matt.bryant,

One of the key point I use for up-selling Webflow hosting compare to wordpress is the maintainability.

Wordpress is a very powerful and versatile tool but when it comes to plugins used in a project to fulfil the client’s requirements , they are most of the time free and developed by third party and therefore can become out of date when wordpress is updating and brake your site functionalities.

Not like it’s something that happen every morning but when it happens your client will probably have to get a hand from a developper to put everything back on tracks.

So I’m not pushing the idea that Wordpress is evil (I actually quite like it) but more the idea that “Is $192 a year really over expensive for what will be there brand/business public showcase.(or soon e-commerce :))”

On a more detailed approach I will go by : Webflow is making the heavy lifting of security and ease of use to compile with modern web standards, and their team is constantly upgrading and updating those features.

Having one developper at hand to maintain your site this way will probably be more expensive than $20 a month, so for less money you get more people on the job and the warranty of an ever working website.

Just to finish this is only my opinion and how I will sell it to myself as well. And what convinced me in the first place to give Webflow a go.

I hope it will help you going forward with this awesome tool.



Hi there! I just posted a resource that you might find helpful in selling Webflow and “unselling” Wordpress: Resource: How to convince clients they don't need WordPress and how Webflow is superior

Hope that helps :slight_smile: