Selling in Multiple Currencies + Payment Gateway Troubles

Hi there, just starting my transition over from Shopify to Webflow and I have immediately run into some problems. First is selling in multiple currencies, is this possible on Webflow? Im willing to put in the work allow my customers to view, checkout & pay in their local currencies. Second, the dreaded drop-shipping, a few products we sell are drop shipped as it makes no sense to stock them since they are add on items. Plus we tend to dropship items to prove if they are viable, then customize and stock the items. however stripe ( Webflows only payment provider does not allow this type of fulfillment.)

Thank you for your time and experience!

Hi @Caterermedia.
Josh with Foxy here. If you don’t get what you need with Webflow Ecommerce, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration:

  • Multi-currency
  • 100+ gateway integrations
  • Manage products with Webflow CMS
  • Embed a customer portal
  • and more

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: