Selling courses/services with Webflow Ecommerce


I’m designing a website for an online language school that wants to automate the way they sell their courses.

When a student purchases a course they should receive access to an external platform, so they are not receiving a physical product nor are they receiving a digital product. They also don’t need a membership area within Webflow because this happens within the other external platform. I think in Squarespace, this is just called a “service.”

Is this possible to do with Webflow?

All posts that I found related to this topic seemed to be either outdated or having the courses themselves on Webflow, i.e. membership options/gated content.

You are better off using Memberpress in Wordpress or using a subscription service through Shopify.

Webflow e-commerce is not a product you can rely on.

I don’t need memberships, so memberpress in WordPress is not going to help me.
Basically, when a student purchases a course they need to get added to an external platform by a teacher - this external platform doesn’t have anything to do with Webflow.

Curious @Jake_Arredondo about why you say that. it’s a big statement, is it relating to this specific use case or as broad as it sounds?

Hey @gar68 , this external platform you speak of, what is the sign up process? Does it require payment to sign up on the platform or does it require username and a password only? If the later is the case, you can check if an integration through Zapier or Integromat exists.

I think you should use Teachable, Kajabi or something like that. Webflow is for regular eStores selling products.