Self-Storage calculator

I need to create a storage calculator for a self-storage website. I am looking to create something like in these site pages:

Does anyone have any idea how can I create a similar calculator using webflow?


It’s not complicated but a fair bit of data work and some programming.
It’s also very important to decide how you want this to work on a mobile, v. desktop.

The simplest approach is;

  • Store your categories ( room types ) in the CMS
  • Store your items in the CMS, along with their square footage “costs”.
  • Build your UX; tabs, collection lists, and forms
    • The tabs and items can both be CMS-driven with a bit of programming or the use of libraries like FS CMS Tabs and SA5 Layout.
  • Calculator script just detects qty updates, and calculates qty * volume for all items across all tabs.

From there, that input can just be displayed and or used as an input to another filter that helps the user find storage spaces near them.

By the way I’m starting a Webflow meetup in Auckland, I’m thinking of making the first topic calculators, because it’s a common request.