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Self Made Lightbox showing extra slide


I’ve created my own lightbox so that it can be used on a Template page. It is made up of a Div and a slider. The slider contains images and shows a the amount of images (and slides) that are filled out in the editor. There is a problem though. There is always an extra slide. If there are 7 images, there are 8 slides, and the 8th slide is empty. Is there a way to fix this?

You can see an example of what I’m talking about at my site.

Live site:
Site in designer:

@cyberdave Any ideas?

Hi @Jacob_M_Harmon,

Have a look here - this is a lightbox workaround that works with the CMS.

Nice. I’ve already got everything set up nicely another way though. Is there a way to just remove the blank slide?

Sorry - I don’t know. I just wanted to show you this method.

Best of luck with it.

Thanks. I’ll look into it.

I ran into a similar issue (and haven’t been able to resolve it). I designed a hero slide that pulls background images from a collection and there is always a blank slide.

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