Self hosting 3rd part assets?

Hi folks. Does anyone know how to identify 3rd party assets? I’m trying to localise them to bring down render-blocking time. I think it might be the 3 google fonts that cause a lot of the delay? Does anyone know how to localise these?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK(Webflow - Online Presence)]
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HI @Gareth_Ellison if I remember you are based in UK so according to GDPR you should avoid to use google fonts as link to google fonts page. When your clients website is open google fonts are loaded and they call back “home” (to google) with certain informations about user who open your website. In US do not care about privacy as much compare to Europe so your client can get into trouble according to current GDPR rules.

What you can do is download google fonts and host these on your website as any other custom fonts this will avoid call google fonts website (request/response time) to get access to these fonts and at second they do not send back “home” any information as they should be hosted in project on WF.

here is one article but feel free to find another

Hey @Stan/. Thanks a million for the detailed response. Don’t know how you manage to keep up to speed with all this stuff! It would make a difference to the render blocking time I pressume? So instead of just picking the font from google dropdown in WF it’s just a case of downloading WOFF2 then adding each individually? And does that store it locally? (excuse the lack of knowledge!)

Thanks again Stan. It’s crazy the knowledge you need just to make sure of optimal performance! Mobile is sitting at 26! :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Hi @Gareth_Ellison glad to see that at least someone realised that create website is not only pushing rectangles around the screen but need some level of developer knowledge. :wink:

Yes you can download these from Google font page and load these as Custom fonts but you will have to clean ALL links to Google font page from your fonts and replace them with fonts with your “custom” and it will take time and checking result in devtools until all links to Google fonts website will be cleared out.

Im not certain about improvement in mobile as your page is not live to see what it causing such low number. It can be anything like not optimised images etc. even WF it self loading giant JS you can’t do anything about. :wink:

BTW: you have as fallback fonts for your “Cormorant” set sans-serif but “Cormorant” are serif not big deal but…

@Stan. Honestly, other than knowing to download the google files then converting to WOFF2, I wouldn’t even know where to start to clean all links to google fonts page. I thought just by changing them to the new downloaded files this would stop the request. I’ve reset all the fonts and added the new downloaded fonts.

Not sure about mobi. I just learned recently that if you design seperate sections on mobi and desktop, although hidden **both ** still load for each device. Guess it’s a learning curve I need to go through.:face_with_peeking_eye: I thought there may be a away to stop the larger images being loaded on mobi by adding combo class of sorts and changing images.:thinking:

And yeah, web designer coming in as a designer is crazy steep learning curve!:roll_eyes:

Thanks again for all the info! I’ll keep learning and researching. I’m sure I’ll get there.

If I remember I have recently (few weeks ago) helped here someone in another request with cleaning up Google fonts links. There should be some kind of description (maybe images or video) where to look and what to do.

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thanks a million @Stan ! I’ll have a look to see if there any tutorials. Thanks for all your help today. Really appreciate you taking the time.:pray:t3: