Self hosted videos

Is it possible to self host videos or must they still be hosted via YouTube or Vimeo for them to be linked through from the CMS?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes. You just need custom code to display them which is pretty simple. Just make sure you are using a decent host or better yet a CDN for the files. An upgrade would be to stream them. Check out Cloudinary as they have a generous free tier plus they can size the video for the device automatically and offer a nice player.

Ok, thanks. Would you know what the custom code is as I need to add the URLS for the videos in the CMS as all the content is taking place there.

If you’re going to use self hosted videos then you’re going to need to have HTML5 video code to display them. So you would not use a “video” field, rather a plain text field, whose value you would insert into a custom code block as the src for the video.

Thanks for that. Makes sense.