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Self Generating or Automatic Menu

I am new to webflow but have been able to get to grips with most of the functions.

I used Wix and other programs before.

I see that with webflow there is no " Automatic Menu " generated when you create a page other than the one on the left panel in the editor.

it seems that you have to create a page, add a nav bar and then as you create other pages only then can you link the Nav Links to the page

Is this correct and that there is no automatic display menu created

This is quite standard on other programs and if webflow does not have this then
there should be a note that this " usual" function is not available and how best to work around this

My first post so let me also say that webflow is a great program and I am enjoying using it.

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First time I hear about it :slight_smile:

I think we’re all creating a lot of pages and they can’t and don’t have to be all added to the primary menu of the site, such a feature would be counter intuitive for most.

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Dear Vincent


Many Thanks for the reply and clarification