Selectors not shown

Hey Guys,

for the last couple of hours I experience issues with the Designer.

At some point in time, it either doesn’t show the selector at all or shows a wrong one in the menu on the right side, which makes it pretty hard to edit those. Sometimes it works after refreshing the designer but then it happens again.

Till now it happened only when I was editing the mobile views.

Any idea on this bug?

Screenshot below where it always shows the same selector.

Had the same problem. Only switching to Dashboard and going back to the Designer helped.
Also when I have a symbol, edit content within that - it wont update and still shows the old content. Only switching to another site and returning would fix that.

Thanks for pointing it out. Switching to the Dashboard and back worked for me for round about 15 minutes. Right now I just can’t edit anything in mobile view. Tried refreshing, relogging, switching sites, deleting cache & using Safari instead of Chrome but nothing helps.

Maybe its an performance issue with the new cms ?
Do you have a cms integrated on your site?

I had about 10 dynamic lists within my homepage, therefore having some really heavy displaying errors within the webflow designer (no cms content shown, could not edit/change class names or changing dynamic collection filters)

No not using it yet. It’s just a static website with 7 or 8 pages - so performance issues shouldn’t be the problem at least not from my side.

Hi @Dan13l & @Daniel_Schultheiss

This seems like a background image bug. Can you please send an email to with:

  • screenshots
  • Name of the element
  • page that the element is on
  • breakpoint when this issue occurs

This will help us fix the issue faster. :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

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are you guys working on a long-term solution for getting this fixed permanently?

Maybe i’m way off but could it be related to an active ad blocker??

I tried disabling the Adblocker and it doesn’t solve the issue - so I guess it’s not related

Got the same bug. The selector works for the first few seconds then seems to get stuck on one element. After this happens, the selector information no longer changes depending on what you’re clicking on.

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