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Selector highlight broken?

The selector highlight feature isn’t working at all on one of my sites, and on another, isn’t working properly - it highlights items, but then they don’t de-highlight when it’s unselected.

They’re both still private sites for now so I’d need to anonymize them to provide links, but thought that if it’s really broken, it will show up in other sites you test for it.

Hi @ramatsu, is it possible for you to share a link to a site with the issue, so I can investigate? You can send me a private pm or send mail to

Hi @cyberdave , it seems to be a bit erratic to repro – I created a copy of a site to anonymize for your review, but even before touching anything in the copy, the feature is working fine there but not in the site it was copied from. So I thought I would just anonymize the version that had the problem and send that to you for review. I changed its name in the Settings page, and voila - problem gone from that site too. (It had persisted there through multiple page refreshes and browser restarts since yesterday.)

So for now, I am not experiencing the issue and can’t send you a link to repro it, so it gets a priority approaching zero, from my end and I would guess yours. If only they were all so simple :smile:

If I run into it in the future in a site that’s not constrained by NDA, I’ll be sure to let you know, but since others aren’t seeing it and I can’t repro it now, I’d check it off the list.


Ok, cool, thanks for the update :smile: We of course always want to check things if they are found to be an issue. I guess in this case, there may have been some other updates performed perhaps. Cheers !

Do you get this weird grey outline along with a blue outline when searching for a selector? I’ve been getting that too, but haven’t been able to pinpoint where it’s from. Will keep looking.

Don’t recall seeing that, but I am seeing the “doesn’t work” issue again. I’ll see if I can spin off an anonymized version of that page without inadvertently fixing the issue as before.

Nope, pared a copy of the offending site down and anonymized it, and the problem still existed. But when I checked the public link, problem gone. But still seeing it in my original site, even after reloaded.

BTW, probably unrelated, but I’m also seeing unusual delays in server response - loading a site is taking a long pause at the ~10% mark, the content of the Settings page tabs is coming up blank and loading way later, etc.

@cyberdave, @thesergie: Selector highlights not working again, and I can repro this bug on the object count:

That shows a field with selector search-field assigned, indicating there’s 107 of them lurking around in my site. I knew that wasn’t right, so I exported the whole site & did a multi-file search for the selector name, which turned up 9 instances in the html plus the css. Not sure where the other 98 that make up the 107 count are coming from.

When I’m thinking about restyling a selector based on a given instance, it would be huge to be able to quickly survey other instances to be sure I don’t wreck another layout with the change. (That’s discussed in this topic and looks like its on the way). But until something like that is built out, it would be great to have this object count working properly so I can sometimes go find instances without having to weed through an export.


Thanks for pointing this out Allen! We’ll look into it to see what’s happening.

…bearing in mind that the site I’m working on isn’t guaranteed stable since it has a ton of nested symbols. But I have barely used this selector at all, and don’t have any reason to suspect they’ve been propagated through those.

Is this element inside of a symbol? What if you move it out of the symbol does it show a correct value?

I’ll double check after today’s fire drills, but to the best of my knowledge it’s not.