Selectively Omit Classes from Style Cleanup

Would be great if we could selectively omit certain classes from cleanup. Especially when using custom code that requires classes to be inserted. Maybe adding a checkbox that is checked by default when executing a style cleanup, and then we could untick the ones we wish to omit.

I do that, I have a page for each site that I call “Dashboard” and where I use to gather all the Symbols so I can edit them all in one place, or multilingual assets, etc.

In this page I have a grid of squares divs in a section called “safe classes”. I give them the classes I want to keep.

Then I can safely clean like crazy without losing those classes.

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I recently did the exact same thing. By just using those classes on an empty page, you save them from being “cleaned”.

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Me too. But it would be nice to have the option.

Great suggestion @vincent. But hopefully this small feature could be added. I’m a little OCD with unnecessary pages hahaha.

Well you can do it once, clear the styles and then delete the page.

Yeap that is true. But becomes a problem when I’m using Webflow to build a large web app page template. As things are added or removed and when it’s done staged by staged. I totally understand what you meant, but it also means some small extra work in between to get a proper style cleanup. :confounded: