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I have a site close to finished that is for a diet based on different types for different constitutions. A practicioner will make the determination what the type is for the patient. I want my site to allow practicioners access to the whole site, all the diets for all the constitutions and access to a prescription page. I want the patient to have access to only the info about their prescribed diet for thier constitutional type for 2 weeks with each prescription. I have tags set up for the constitution types and all foods and recipes etc tagged with the propper tag. From here it looks like the practicioner will put the patients email in the system and name and the patient will end up getting a coded link that gives access to only info for thier prescribed constitution type. ? is- how to set this up?

The practicioner will also pay for each prescription. The patients will be offered food items that go with thier constitution and recipes for them to purchase as well.

How to do all of this please?

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