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Selection Component within Dropdown Menu

I just need some feedback.

I am struggling with the idea of putting a Selection component within a Dropdown Menu… not sure how that’ll play out for UX.


this is a continuation from my earlier post

There isn’t a right answer for this. It’s definitely doable in Webflow though.

Question is why do you need it done this way?

I know its doable, I’m just trying to wrap my head around the User Experience of it.

It stems from a discussion that I had with my client and they like this idea but I don’t feel so good about it.

If I click on a dropdown I am then presented with another dropdown that presents me with a selection component to choose from and I keep asking myself… does that make for good UX or is it too much… should i ditch it and place the component outside of dropdown?

I’ve been staring at the 4th wall ever since :laughing:

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