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Selecting tab using keyboard 'enter'

Hello Webflow folks,

I am trying to make the tab widget more accessible on my current project by allowing the user to use the ‘tab’ keyboard button to navigate to different tabs within the webflow tab widget. I am able to get the system to navigate to the different tabs but the tab widget does not navigate to the tab content when I select ‘enter’ on the keyboard.

Is there a work around or something I can do to allow the user to view the tab content by pressing ‘enter’ on the keyboard, similar to pressing left-click on the mouse?

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Hello @Chris_Pennell

There’s no way to do this natively, you will need to use custom code for this. I’m not a coder myself but I can tell you that Webflow doesn’t support this functionality natively.

Hope this helps.

I’ve got the same issue here:
I’m able to focus on the tabs using the keyboard, but unable to actually select it.

Anybody got custom code for this? I’ll post if I find anything.

You can make the tab navigation accessible to keyboards by adding a href="#" attribute to the nav links. Unfortunately this cannot be done in the Designer because the href tag is a reserved name so it has to be done with JavaScript. You can do that by pasting in this code in Custom Code > Footer Code

$('.w-tab-link').each(function() {
  $(this).attr("href", "#");