Selecting fields from Multi reference issue

I’m trying to get Link Block 14 on this page to tie to a the image from the multi-reference field that is tied to the other collection list. Am I missing something? I just want to get the background image from the Recognition Awards collection.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @carsonthetford I think i figure out how to fix this.
Now I can’t see the page you were referring to anymore (i think it was deleted?) so here’s a guess.

If it was a CMS template page (like products) then it is automatically hooked up to only those fields, even though you did a multi-reference it might not show up. Not sure why.

you have to add an additional CMS Collection List, link that wrapper to the collection you’re trying to reference with the multi-reference, put in an image, and then link.

this is how I got it to work on my product page, linking to the manufacturer’s name (which is a multi-ref field in products, but wasn’t showing up as a link option)

wasn’t working: dropdown doesn’t have manufacturing names as an option

is working: added an additional CMS collection to this CMS Collection page

hope that helps!