Selecting all text in a CMS field then switching CMS items will show all text on page as selected

If you go into your CMS and CMD+A to select the entire contents of a text field, like so:


Then if you click to a different CMS item, it will show the entire page’s text as selected, like so:


This is a super low priority bug, I know, but thought I’d share.

Hi @ctrav Chris,

I have noticed this before, but what I have found is that if you are not actually inside of the field it will select it all. I have come across this with Rich Text and Plain Text fields.

Id just recommend that your cursor is within the text field before hitting CMD + A.


For plain text the field must be highlighted blue before using CMD + A, for rich text the cursor must be within the field for that feature to work. Refer to my GIF!

Hope this explains. Not really a bug, just how the CMS works!

Happy Designing,

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I made a Loom video to better illustrate what’s happening:

Again, low priority – but still “off”.

Ill send it up to the powers at be:

@cyberdave, @mistercreate, @Brando, any thoughts or send this to the dev team?

Thanks for reporting this @ctrav and thanks for flagging this @QA_Brandon!

I’ve notified the team and they’ll get this tackled! :webflow_heart:


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