Selecting a specific variation of a purchases template

Hi. I have purchases a template. In my free account, I can create two projects from that template, and each one has a different flavor (different graphics). I can only have two projects, but, from this experience, I am guessing that the template I buy has other graphical layouts too that I cannot see. Now my questions is, how can I access all the variations of a purchases template. Ultimately, I only need one of them, but I want to be able to choose that variation rather than being assigned a random one (what I get one). Thank you.

Likely the other versions are in other pages within the site template. Explore the pages/folders of the template until you find the version of the page you are looking for.

They are not. I have checked all pages.
This is one version.
This is another version.

Hello, you still have not posted your public link so I cannot see your site. Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Hello. Thanks for your response. I stopped that project and started a new project recently. Actually, I just posted a question about the new project. Typing animation - #34 by Mehrnoush