Selecting a CMS Collection Item, Then Seeing More of That Item in the Next Page

I am attempting the following with CMS:

  1. Show a CMS Collection with all of the Collection Items
  2. When a user clicks on a specific Collection Item, they get redirected to a new page with another CMS Collection. But this time, only the fields from the clicked Collection Item are shown. This is like many other sites where you click into an item for more details for that specific item.

How can I accomplish Step 2 in Webflow? I’ve only been able to get Collection Lists where it shows ALL items in the Collection. But I just want to show fields from the Item that was just clicked.

Hi Amir,

This is fundamental to the CMS design in Webflow.
In the designer if you open the Pages list and scroll down, you’ll see Collection Pages grouped together near the bottom.


Those pages define the view for an individual Collection Item.

Note the purple icon. In Webflow, purple generally identifies things that are CMS-connected. Here that means on these pages, you’re already in the context of a collection item, exactly as if you were inside of a Collection List, adding elements into an individual item there.

Hi Mike! Thanks so much - that’s exactly the info I needed!