Select gallery images hidden in navigator

Hello, all!

I have been trying to remove some fitness images from the gallery page. When an image is clicked a lightbox displays with the correct wedding images but I cannot seem to find the source of the fitness images! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello @luis27,

I tried to change the link that connects lightboxes and have it all the same just for the wedding pictures, the problem was that every wedding picture comes with a fitness picture, I don’t know why, changing the links should have worked. The original lightbox, the one with the fitness picture, was that part of a collection item? did you delete them without changing the link to other lightboxes? That would be my guess as to what is happening. If this was part of a template, I suggest you contact the person or company that created the template. Alternatively, you could just delete the grid where your lightboxes are in and create one with similar proportions and put new lightboxes linked together, I mean there are only four of them, it shouldn’t be too long. I hope you can find a solution for this, please let me know if you do. Good luck. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.