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Select element behind another?

Hi, sorry if this is not the place to post this but, is it possible to select an element behind another that is fixed / full without having to use the navigator or turning the element invisible? Something like a command key to select behind.

Hi @Suma

You can select all the elements on the Navigator tab (also accessible by pressing F)

Everything within a page, should appear here :slight_smile:

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Hi @IggsTP thanks, I know we can already do that but I was thinking on a more “visual” way to select it with the cursor, I’ll add it to the wishlist =) Thanks.

@Suma not that I’m aware of… :confused:
Add it, but I’m not sure the Webflow team will prioritise it over more urgent requests :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @Suma - You can use the up/down arrows to cycle through stacked elements without having to use the navigator… Is this what you mean? :thinking: Regards Kai

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@Keejo Kinda, giving you an example I have a fixed div full covering everything, and behind that another div with more elements inside like text etc, when I try to select with the mouse, of course, the top layer with a bigger z-index is selected, so I have to go to the navigator tab and select it, using up/down it is only useful if you want to select elements inside the parent div or element but not to jump to the next element in line.

@IggsTP yeah I know they have bigger priorities, I added it just so if there’s more people with my same concern they can back up the idea.

Thanks guys.

Hi @Suma - Ah! …my mistake! I did think that after I’d written the post! :slight_smile: Just thought I’d mention it… Pleasure!

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@Suma since nobody else replied to this post, you might want to ask some more experienced designers here :slight_smile:

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Hey there,
I think I might have a solution? If you select the item that is on the most top layer and click its name (turns orange from blue), it kind of shows what is underneath it. I hope my explanation is understandable! :laughing: Hope this helps!

This below shows what I am talking about:

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@Hannani - Hey! that’s cool… I didn’t now that… Thanks! You can also right click on these to create Symbols, which is handy. What else don’t I know??? :thinking:

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Hi @Hannani I see your point but that’s only for things inside that element, it doesn’t list what’s behind in another layer, it is not that I can’t live without this feature but I thought maybe someone would have an answer for this :slight_smile: Thanks.

@Suma Oh, I see… Well, I hope that there is an answer to this soon as I think it would really help rather than having to go to the navigation panel all the time! :slight_smile:

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