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Select & Download Multiple PDF's

Hi everyone,

On our client’s site, we currently have a document center where the user can filter and download single documents.

Our client is wanting to create another page similar to this with around 100 documents, but allow the user to select multiple files (using radial buttons or checkboxes) similar to this page. Either as one Zip file or combined into one PDF.

Are there any known third-party integrations that we could use to accomplish this or will it require some custom js?

Thanks in advance for the help!


You would need backend server side scripting to combine files or generate pdf’s assembled from multiple documents unless you created an array of every possible combination of prebuilt resources and returned the URL of them,

Thanks for getting back to me Jeff.

Seems like this may be a little bit out of our skillset set. We’ll reach out to some developers for some help on this.

Do you have any recommendations of any who may be able to help us?

What are the requirements? Do you have a functional spec? DM me if you want to discuss potential collaboration.