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Select classes up the combo-class chain while working in smaller breakpoints?

This is basically a re-post of a closed post by @Dee. It addresses what I think si a missing feature that would be very useful!

I have a card class “Tresbox” and combo classes “Green” to give the card a different color. I want to change the card width from 50% in the desktop breakpoint to 100% in the tablet breakpoint.

Right now there is no way to select the “Tresbox” class while working in the tablet breakpoint. The designer only offers to go back to the desktop breakpoint. I have to remove the “Green” class, do my edits to the other break points and add the combo class again. If I want to change anything I have to remove again, edit, add again.

Here is a screenshot of the class selector:


Feature added to the wishlist

I just ran into this problem again, it is still a massive pain. @cyberdave what happened to your promise from that other thread?

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