Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Seems is gone

For those using

Application now requires you to login… which requires a registration
which is fine with me…

16 AM

so I go to register (note fake info to create this screenshot)

And the app says check your internet connection.
There’s nothing wrong with my internet connection.

38 AM

So I went to the website to send a message to support
and this was displayed

Their Pricing

What you using to capture video of your screens.

The only reason I use this is for the Webflow Forum
so it’s not worth it for me to purchase a screen / video recorder. is free

If you love Chrome, you’ll love this

Also, you definitely need to

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+1 for Loom.

Super easy and free!


Thanks for the suggestions (however)…

I tried

getcloudapp… I didn’t like it… I didn’t like it… I liked what I saw in the online demo video…

however; (after installing and signing in)

  • I was unable to capture any video.
  • It kept displaying “Loading”.

And… there’s another issue (with all 3)

I tend to create video - without showing my entire screen.

For example… assume that a screen is 1920x1080.

  • I only want to record a small section of the screen

For example… starting position 500,100 to 800,200… which is rectangular block about 300x100.

QuickCast allowed me to do that. With that feature - I was able to record any portion of my screen
without revealing the entire screen - mostly often times contains sensitive information.

Any other suggestions ?

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