Seems it very buggy

None of my animations are working, either the ones I gave to the page or the ones to the element.
Notice: I can’t Restore my Backups because I’m a free user but my old backup website is working correctly.

Read Only link:(Webflow - Primer)

Hi Mojtaba, a few things that might help you-

  • It’s important to be specific and show examples of a problem you’re having, or it’s too difficult for the community to find the problem. We all have very busy jobs, so make it as easy as you can.
  • Publish your site to staging, and look for errors in chrome devtools. You might find something is interfering, or see some obvious cause for your problems.
  • If it was working before, the most likely situation is that you’ve changed something. The free plan won’t help you here, so I’d setup a freelancer workspace or something so you can use the tools properly.