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Seeking Webflow designers & devs for part-time work

Are you a freelance designer/developer with an extra 5-10 hrs/wk on your hands? Ready to make some extra cash in your spare time working flexible hours?

At Sixty, we connect software users with experts in when they need help for 1-on-1 support via screen share.

We are looking for a few high-quality Seed Experts for our Webflow Community.

What’s a seed expert? One of Sixty’s first experts on Webflow. You’ll have influence in our community and a head-start on your reputation. For example, Brendan, one of our Seed Experts on Squarespace, brought in over $30k working roughly 10 hours a week last year.

How does it work? We’ve designed Sixty to complement your existing job. You simply sync your calendar then clients can book during your free periods. You just show up, help the client solve their issue, and get paid on a per-minute-basis.

What’s a session? Work is done in real-time via screen-share. We’ve found the best way to gain clarity is to dive right into the problem with the client. They know their business and you know Webflow, so you can work fast.

How do I apply? Shoot us an application and we’ll take it from there.

Happy to answer any other questions here as well!

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What if I’m not a designer? What if screensharing is not possible (bandwidth)? What if pricing is out of your range $0.75-1.50/min?

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Hey @samliew — good questions. I’ll try to justify them with good answers. Please let me know if you think there’s more to unpack!

What if I’m not a designer?

Our generalized term is “expert”—which, by the way, it appears you most certainly are! Designer or developer would be the term most people would use to describe an expert builder of websites. So it’s just a marketing label, really.

What if screensharing is not possible (bandwidth)?

It’s kind of a must-have for the work we’re doing. We’ve found that screen-share is just the fastest way for most clients to accurately describe their problem in its full scope. The webcam isn’t necessary, which saves some bandwidth. Also, we have some cool in-browser screenshare tech in the works that will make this question almost irrelevant.

What if pricing is out of your range $0.75-1.50/min?

It sounds expensive when you just talk about minute-by-minute… but if a true expert can solve a problem in 15 minutes, when it took the client 3 hours (or 3 days to search) for and learn from a tutorial, video, or forum, it’s actually quite affordable. It obviously depends on how much that client values their own time, but we believe that in order to retain the best-in-class experts, their time should be valued highly.

Or did you mean that your rate would be higher when you’d work with clients on Sixty? That’s cool too. If you’re uniquely qualified to solve problems that others can’t, people value that.

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samliew is not an expert.

He’s more of a god imo.

Being on the helper side of the equation

  • I’m not a fan is the per minute charge.

Personally, I’d prefer a flat per session fee

  • to obtain a result… whether it be a good result or bad.

An answer is always better than spinning your tires… not knowing where to go or what to do with a problem.

For example: $10 for 15 minutes… or something like that.

Some problems are not caused by a lack of knowledge of a tool.

What if the issue is a lack of understanding in a particular methodology or process.

Over the past 2 days… I’ve been working a AngularJS issue… (that I did solve…)
but it wasn’t because of seeing and correcting the problem in Webflow
it was identifying and understanding the different methodologies provided and required by Angular.

Most Designers are not Developers… and because of this

  • they would like never have figured out the above mentioned issue.

So - potentially - a Designer could be spending a ton of money

  • to not be able to correct a problem.
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Don’t flatter me @Revolution, I’m just doing my job and what I love doing.

I totally agree with this. Joining a per minute fee charge is just stressful and not rewarding. I already have organic leads through my site, earning >$10k monthly through new and repeat customers. They know where to go for a real solution and not try their luck with a third-party.

@Revolution I appreciate your thoughts and contribution to the conversation. Much has been said about “value-based pricing” vs. hourly and I, somewhat paradoxically it might seem, totally agree with you!

Personally, I’d prefer a flat per session fee

The difficult position of the problem we are trying to solve is to remove the negotiation between the client and the expert for the value of the service (aka: the result) specifically for small-scope work. Because we see negotiating, invoicing, scheduling, describing the problem, and all other admin/logistics as time spent not developing / designing, which is time wasted that can be automated.

Seems to me that there are 1000s (or 10,000s) of potential small-scope tasks that you could do inside Webflow. Rather than organizing and negotiating/assigning value to each potential task, it seems to me that an easier way is to just jump in and do the work.

So how then do you value the work accomplished? How do you value the amount of time? I think the value is derived by finding the intersection between the specific needs of the client AND your depth of experience as an expert solving those needs. Experience acts as a multiplier on your time value (since you can solve it faster).

Again, all of this is particular to small-scope work (roughly <5 hours <$500), which is our focus. If you’re talking about a large branding or complex website overhaul, that’s a totally different set of problems. I don’t think time value works for those.

Also, this is assuming that you know exactly how to solve the problem, have solved this type of problem before, or can figure out how to solve this problem pretty quickly. This is where the definition of expert & the depth of expertise comes into play.

Would love to hear thoughts from the group here!

My thoughts: @Revolution Sam is the top of the top! and @samliew, I completely Agree, value based pricing and creating organic leads just seems a lot more in line with what I’m looking for too. I’m looking to grow my brand… and relying on a 3rd party that’s essentially putting an umbrella over the webflow market doesn’t sound that appealing from a Webflow user perspective. Although, In theory “instant only” within 15min help sounds great, I’m worried about wasting my time, Having to be available within 15min of a request, No shows on the client end, Wasting the client’s time, and creating a bad reputation because client retention may be low when someone could pay a lot of money and essentially “run out of time, to get their answer”. My next question would be how this will work if I’m not designing visually, but developing something with code, a lot of my time is spent planning in strategy, or simply thinking to myself about the problem before I implement.

Regarding screenshare: in my experience I have a lot of connection issues regularly when I screenshare even from my home network. (I know a lot of others have this issue as well) If this is the ONLY way the work can get done… it makes it difficult to imagine what would happen in a situation where you loose connection, or just have a poor connection to start with. I typically am working remotely and from a lot of coffee shops which makes it difficult to picture that video call going smoothly. Overall it would also completely cut off a lot of my international clients since I’d have to physically be awake and ready when they are wanting to work, unless I completely reworked my schedule that just wouldn’t work.

Screenshare might be useful for design work, but definitely not coding, especially if charged by the minute.

Sometimes I spend 60 minutes forming the solution in my head before I actually code anything. Should I let the client nitpick and say I’m not doing anything in that 60 minutes on screenshare while not writing any code then? Otherwise, I think of the solution for 60 minutes, then I charge just 3-5 minutes of time to write down all that code on screenshare (which is what, $6.00? for an hour’s brain work??), and your company is probably going to take another cut of 30-50%, so I end up with a mediocre $3???

Screenshare + Per-minute billing makes no sense and will not work for me, unless you can tell me I can definitely earn at least $150/hr AFTER commissions/taxes/etc. without all the problems mentioned previously and below.

This is negligable, plus having a few specifications written down in an email will ensure what the client will exactly be getting from me, rather have it lost in a screenshare/video recording.

I can definitely do my own billing and invoicing, a few clicks to copy my invoice template and send it out, and receive payment directly to my bank account via stripe.

This is exactly what I bypass with not doing screenshare. As client may be in a different timezone, I can work anytime I want throughout the day. No one should have to wait for each other’s free time.

Client can just pay me, go to bed in their timezone, and wake up having their project completed perfectly as described in the email. No need to watch my screenshare, which is seeing someone think of code. Boring! Waste of client’s time!

Furthermore, I’m not working until I get upfront payment or at least a deposit first. Isn’t that better?