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Seeking Partnership with a Webflow designer/agency

Hello all,

Hope all is well with you!

I’m seeking a partnership with a designer and/or creative agency that can create a brand new eCommerce site for my clothing brand. ‘Evolve Awareness Apparel’.

Currently in the process of creating an original movie to create awareness for Domestic Violence. (link to landing page below) In exchange for the new website, your branding can be included in our videos we create to promote our movie. You will be receiving tons of global exposure!

For additional information, please fill out the ‘Partnerships + Collaborations’ form on our main website below.

Main website

Movie website

Have a great day!

Luis Leon | #ITENDSNOW

Hello @luis27

We’d love to support you in building out a new Webflow site for your Clothing Brand. As a brand and digital agency, we work alongside small teams and growing startups, to larger brands, worldwide. Can we setup a quick chat to learn more? Get to know us •


RNO1 | brand + digital agency

Working for advertising has never really worked. "Global exposure’ is mostly useless for the vast majority of people because their clients aren’t ‘everyone’. The likelihood of anyone getting a gig to make a Chinese or even Korean website is severely low, as an example.

I’ve seen way too many companies, who don’t seem to value a webdesigner, not think that it’s worth putting good money into, despite it being THEIR foremost way of getting people to THEM. This ‘bartering’ type of thing doens’t work. At least not in any sort of reasonable consistency and anyone who accepts this is either doing it for an altruistic means or they are desperate for clients.

If anyone disagrees, feel free to try the same tactic with a Lawyer and see how many will jump on the chance to ‘get exposure’.

This tactic does nothing but demean hard-working web designers.

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