Seeking help with navigation bar!

My navigation in mobile (tablet and mobile) has these quirks that I just can’t figure out.

The menu icon jerks when it’s clicked on and the dropdown menu won’t return on the second click.

I would seriously appreciate any help!

Thank you.

For starters, your nav menu has z-index=1, so when it’s open it appears on top of the menu button, that’s why you can’t click it. Try to give your Menu button the a z-index higher than all z-indexes on your page.

Second, the Menu button jerks because you have modified the values for the position of the button when the menu is open.

@Anna_Kelian Thanks for your help earlier…I’ve got nearly everything situated.
Though I’ve adjusted the layout for the “menu button” and it still jerks across all three platforms.

I’ve checked out to see if the icon was messing with it but I am not sure?

Hey Rachel @theillustratrice,

Since your menu is still empty, I suggest you delete the navbar, clear the styles in the style manager (G) and add a new navbar. Try not to add any position to the elements. Only add open menu to the right. then give a higher z-index to the Menu Button and adjust the font and background color Only.

And let me know if it works

Good luck,

Hey @Anna_Kelian,

I’ve taken a different more simplified route - think it compliments the functionality a little better but thanks for your time and advice!

The support here is amazing :wink:

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My pleasure @theillustratrice.

We are all here to help one another.

Have fun and good luck with your website.

Thanks @Anna_Kelian - all the best to you too!

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Thank You Rachel @theillustratrice

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