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Seeking Help with Basic nav Menu Interactions

@PixelGeek & @cyberdave,

I’m seeking guidance on how to accomplish what seems to be a pretty basic interaction behavior for a secondary “Fixed” nav that pops off the top after one scrolls past the hero section, and recedes back to “hide”/“no display” once the user returns to the top, where the absolute position menu resides. Thus far it’s that last bit that I can’t seem to get to work

I’ve gone over the two video tutorials that reference this behavior in some sense:

This video describes working with IX 2.0, and a slightly different behavior than what I’m seeking, so not wholly instructive or helpful.

The other video describes the behavior in Legacy interaction concepts, and I still wasn’t able to get that to work.

Here is the link to preview:

Here’s the link to the site:

Again, I’m just trying to make the menu disappear again. Ideally I’d like to learn the logic/theory around interactions so I can apply this general knowledge to other things (ie. interactions that come and go/return based on scroll, etc). I’ve been burning too many cycles trying to get this to work on my own; Your help is deeply appreciated!



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Hey Derek,

You did it right, you just forgot about the page load (which is better for this effect). Here’s the video with the steps:

Take care! :grinning:

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Thank you, @garymichael1313

I so wish there was audio for this, as I’m sure you had intended it to be educational :-). But I super appreciate your effort to help - I got it working.


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Hello Welcom to Movie Phone! What type of movie would you like to see? Haha… an old Seinfeld… sorry.

Um, I didn’t really think about it because you can pause it and follow step by step. Can you follow it?