Seeking guidance on "making posts" in Webflow

Hi everyone!

I’m working on developing a demo for a web app, aimed at enhancing communication between tenants, caretakers, and property administrators. I’m using Webflow to build this and currently facing a challenge in figuring out how to do it.

I would like to have three different user interfaces (just different pages): one for tenants, one for caretakers, and one for administrators. Here are the specific requirements for each interface:

  1. Tenants:
  • Ability to create posts visible to other tenants.
  • Capability to send messages directly to the caretaker.
  1. Caretakers:
  • Messages from tenants will be shown as tasks.
  • Ability to create posts within the property, visible to tenants.
  • Option to mark tasks as completed.
  1. Administrators:
  • Access to all posts within the property.
  • Overview of completed and pending tasks from caretakers.

I’m unsure of the best approach to implement these features using Webflow. Does anyone have experience with something similar or any ideas on how I can tackle this?

I would greatly appreciate any help, including tips, step-by-step instructions, or references to relevant resources.

Thank you

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Webflow provides a great designer for your pages and forms, but that’s it. There is no back-end capable of providing your user-specific interfaces, user-attached data, etc.

Look into Wized + Xano for that missing infrastructure. There are a bunch of cloneables based on Wized that can demonstrate basic message boards, etc that will make a good starting point.

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