Seeking for suggestions about design change

Hi, I have a business website where I am offering balloon decoration services. I have created my website on WordPress and want to move it to web flow. But it is very slow, if I change it to web flow will it increase the website speed? I have a lot of images on it. Also, how do you get the best design ideas for your website?

hi @lisa_nichols as you have mentioned lots of images your page speed may be related to this as images are biggest drain on website performance and need to be optimised but without seeing live page no one will be able to give some advice. If the issue is related only to images your website will be slow on WF also. As your website use WP there may be issue with plugins etc. Before you make decision I will suggest that your best bet will be to look for someone knowledgeable with WP who will optimise your website to be snappy.

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Thank you for your quality response. I am weak in research and also looking for the best mentor who will teach me how to research well.

Lisa if you’re new to Webflow the best place to start with design ideas might be the Made in Webflow collection, and existing Webflow templates. Good templates usually cost a little, but it’s well worth it for the learning alone.

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hi @lisa_nichols the secret is in keywords so you can use your favourite browser and try to find eg. “best website design” , “web design inspiration” etc. etc. Ask is only you need to find anything.

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Thank you, by this way I was able to search for my desired design for my balloons delivery website. :blush: