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Seeking feedback on our new digital marketing website

Hi All,

I would really appreciate some of your thoughts on our new website.

There are still a few things that arent 100% but I would like to know some thoughts anyway (if the site flows well etc.)

Be as brutal as you like :wink:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @matt041105

Really clean site! I really like the layout and the navigation makes sense, one thing though, on the “Portfolio Pieces”, once I was over enjoying the “Hover Animation” on the “Project Buttons”, I found myself wanting to click them quicker than the site would allow, so I think it might be a good idea to make the whole “Image Container” the link to the project.

Hope it helps :smile:


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Thanks for your feedback @Aaron, appreciate it.

That’s a good point you’ve made and you’re right, it’ll make sense for the whole container to be click able :blush: