Seeking Assistance with Member Data Privacy Issue on a Webflow + Memberstack Integration

I am currently developing a training platform using Webflow, enhanced by Memberstack for account management. Our platform is designed to provide comprehensive training resources for a specific niche. One of our key features allows paid members to add multiple team members to their accounts.

However, I’ve encountered a significant challenge regarding data privacy and security. When a user goes to their team members section, Webflow pulls the data of all team members across various accounts, then filters to show only the team members associated with the logged-in user’s account. (In short, all the filtering is happening on the client-side.)

While this method works functionally, it inadvertently exposes the data of all team members in the source code. This is a pressing concern as it could potentially lead to unauthorised data exposure.

I am seeking advice or solutions to ensure that only the relevant team member data is loaded and visible for each account, thereby enhancing the privacy and security of our platform. Here are the key points I am looking to address:

  1. Optimized Data Handling: A method to directly load only the relevant team member data for the logged-in user without initially pulling all data.
  2. Enhanced Integration Techniques: Any best practices for integrating Memberstack with Webflow that would help in resolving this issue.
  3. Alternative Approaches: Suggestions for alternative tools or methods, such as using third-party services, APIs, or custom coding solutions, that can be integrated with Webflow to handle this securely.

I appreciate any insights, experiences, or recommendations from this knowledgeable community. Your support is crucial in helping us maintain the highest standards of data security and privacy on our platform.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Where are you pulling the team member info from? Since there is no native team accounts feature yet, im assuming you’re doing this custom - usually for that, id advise keeping team members stored in metadata or member json, instead of somewhere like the Webflow CMS