Seeking an Event Calendar intergration on par Events Calendar Pro

I would love to integrate into a Webflow project a feature rich Events Calendar along the same line as
Events Calendar Pro’sCommunity Events Calendar . In particular their Community Events sub plugin into a Webflow site that I’m working on. Any tips, help suggestions greatly appreciated!

HI @Mastersson

Thanks for posting.

You can use custom code and / or HTML embeds to integrate a third party application such as

You can check out an example of this integration here: Calendar Options

If you run into issues with this integration, you can post in the Code Help category here on the Forums.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Is customisable enough to blend in with the look of a webflow site? How responsive is it in mobile?

I cannot speak from personal experience as I have not used this solution.

This maybe a good question to direct to

@jordanshotwell, maybe you can help a bit more? :slight_smile:

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