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Seeking advice to make site better for mobile

I’m seeking some advice on how to make the site look better on mobile devices. The page I’m having trouble with is the Photos page. I’m using the lightbox for cms workaround from Sabanna and it looks great on the desktop view. But when I look at it on mobile devices, the images don’t seem to be sized, or placed right. I’ve tried tweaking different settings but I feel sometimes I’m making things worse. The close button can be seen when in designer mode on my desktop, viewing it as iphone size, but when viewed on an actual phone, the button is hidden underneath the image and the use can’t click it.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Roderic, I would suggest to give the Close button a higher z-index. Take a peek:

I hope this helps!


I can’t thank you enough. Showing me with video was just awesome. That helped tremendously.

Thanks you!

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