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Seeking advice for integrating 2 sites

I have a project that will exceed 100 pages, so it seems I’ll need to integrate 2 sites together. They must function smoothly as though they were just one site, so seeking advice on possible stumbling blocks/ considerations.

Besides the menu and various internal links that will need to be carefully structured, are there other considerations I should include in my planning?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What is the nature of the pages, what kind of content is populating all those more than 100 pages?

Is any of the content made of a repeatable structure? Why can’t this content be managed by the CMS?

I ask that because with Webflow CMS, for example if you create a blog, or a site with articles, profiles etc, using the CMS, CMS pages don’t count in the limit.

The limits are:

  • 100 static pages
  • 2000 CMS items (which means 2000 pages for CMS items plus 100 static pages).

Thanks Vincent. Yeah, I tried that, but couldn’t figure out how to include an embed code in CMS Collections.

Most of the pages that cause the site to be so large are for forms that link to SmartSheet. I thought CMS might be the answer, but each page needs to have a different embed code. Did I miss something? Is there a way to create a field in CMS that will accept an embed code?

If there is no CMS solution, may I assume that if I create a sub-domain that I’ll have another 100 pages to work with? (Understanding that I need to pay hosting for both.) Would that be the recommended solution?

Hello @Marsha

Would dynamic embeds work on your project?

Thank you @aaronocampo! I will check it out.

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@aaronocampo Seems encouraging but there are some details that I’ll still need to work out.

Is this method supposed to allow me to get a DIFFERENT embed code on each page? Seems the other applications, like Twitter or EventBrite are likely to point to a single reference. And though I created an Embed code field, it doesn’t seem to pull the data from it and just populates whatever is placed directly on the page.

Here is my share link:

It seems like the dynamic embed can be embedded as follows:

Insert the following code as an embed component in the CMS template you want to show the sheet

<script><iframe width="600" height="600" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>

Replace the text “REPLACE-THIS-CODE” with the unique identifier of every sheet.



As you can see there’s just one part that changes which is the ID of the document.

@aaronocampo , thanks so much for your assistance! I will see what I can do with your suggested format!

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