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See each page html code like in Dreamweaver!


I’m new in WF and I’m a designer, not an expert coder, so I hope my wish will not sound silly!

I wish that for each page of our websites there was an “html code” window feature where we can check how the html for that page is coming along, without having to export the website and check this outside of WF.
…a little bit like Dreamweaver does, to be clearer, where you have a “design” window and a “code” window.
I personally would find this feature SO useful… does this make sense to anybody? …or maybe there is already this feature and I haven’t found out about it yet??!

Thanks for your great job, I love WF!


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Hi Letizia,

The principle of WF is to NOT have such a functionality because most people that use WF cannot or prefer not to use a code screen.

There is one big reason why I expect that this isn’t a feature being implemented in WF at all. It will mess up the WF designer-functionality if you start adding/changing code manually. Right now, you can add manually in the head to change if you need some custom css.

Of course, it’s not ideal, for example you can’t use the !important statement to overrule, and not all functionality is available with the click&drag designer, but for a pro-coder it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to use the custom code functionality.


Hi Diu!

Thanks for your reply.
I totally understand and agree with what you are saying, although my wish was just to SEE and not to EDIT the code… as I said, not being an expert coder (yet!), I just wish I could easily check (only check!) what I am doing, without publishing / exporting things first. Then, if I saw something “wrong”, I would edit it by using the visual editor, NOT the code (which is more complicated to do for non or non expert coders as most of WF people): it’d be helpful also to better learn and control what the visual design features do.

But I do understand how all this probably sounds complicated, plus for someone it would probably trigger also the wish for the ability of editing the code too - as you yourself mentioned!, so no problem at all, I’ll enjoy WF the way it is.


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Hi @letiziafarisato, thanks a lot for your post :slight_smile: We have this on the wishlist: Live Code Editor

Please add your comments how you want it to work :smile:


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