Sections overlapping horizontally on mobile - looks normal in editor, but issue appears when published

VERTICALLY! Sorry, I made a typo. I mean the sections are overlapping vertically.

I’m using Fullpage.JS to implement a site. On desktop, it works great. The mobile breakpoint has Fullpage.JS disabled, and in the editor, all appears normal. Sections work properly and the site has no overlapping. But when I publish the site, I end up with a complete mess. Sections start before the previous section ends.

I’m having difficulty fixing this, as it appears fine in Webflow, and only stops working when published and view on mobile (I’m viewing on Realme7).

Would appreciate any help from anybody - thanks :slight_smile:

Read only link - Webflow - Warpfrog

Maybe it has something to do with this message in the console.

It look like you have no licence key. Not shure about it but could be.

Hey, thanks for helping. I’ve added the license key now, but it still has issues on mobile.

See the staging link here -

And in this screenshot

You can see how all of the content is overlapping. I thought it could be something to do with the height of my sections, but nothing I’ve tried has worked so far.