Sections not displaying when published

Hi everyone.

I am having a little trouble with a project. There are a number of sections not displaying when I publish the site. It seems to be missing:
Gallery section
Contact Section
Newsletter sign up

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the published site:

Hi @stevenworrell85,

something with the publishing itself seems to be the problem since the published page doesn’t show any HTML traces of the mentioned sections.

Just making sure: Have you ticked the staging domain ( when publishing?
If yes, testing another browser and disabling extensions which prevent javascript to load might help.


Hey @LeWolf thanks for the reply.

I tried publishing from microsoft edge instead of Chrome but same result. I’m sorry I didn’t follow what you meant by javascript extensions.


Solved. This was my fault. I had an HTML embed block with an unclosed style tag. I fixed it and it works now.

Shout out to @samliew for the help.

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