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Sections dissappearing and unanswered bugs

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Problem 1: This has been happening frustratingly often lately - **Random sections of my website just dissappear ** i.e. the footer on every page, the header image in my blog posts (only for some posts)

Problem 2: I brought this up a while ago in another post (GTM is recorded twice and is telling me that it is in a div despite it not being in a div)

I have recently added some SumoMe to my website, so that might have influenced something.

So i removed SumoMe and the footer was still not showing… I went and check out what else could be the problem and I found that it just added a random animation I had selected for another section. This is getting a bit ridiculous sorry. I don’t really want to spend all day figuring out why Webflow decided to change its own code.

The section below “about” has just dissappeared.

The div with class “Footer Content Block” had a interaction attached called “Sticky Appear”. I removed that interaction and the div showed up again.

Did that helped you? :slight_smile:

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