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Sections "disappearing" (published as "div" instead of "sections") on publishing

How comes the sections, visible into desing mode, get transformed into simple divs upon publishing or exporting the code ?

Even though you’re dragging in a section, you need to specifically call it out in the settings tab.

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1 min answer ! that’s damn fast !

not very intuitive : seems like I need to do 2 operations for each section ? Or do I get this wrong ?

kinda. But i’m indifferent about it =)

Post something up on the feedback category. The staff at WF are very fast to communicate with the users.

Not a big deal anyway; before ranting, I need to get used again to webflow after a few months hiatus.

Thanks for your help !


I’m sure I did use your solution, but now cannot do it anymore : when inserting a new section, it’s turned to a div and the settings tab doesn’t allow selecting another tag but “div”

I tested this on a clean new design :

Thanks for pointing this out @Michel. We’ll take a look to see what’s happening.

@Michel I am not able to reproduce this. On my end everything looks good:


Can you tell me what OS you’re on and if you see any errors when you go to your Chrome Inspector and open the Console there?

I didn’t find any errors in the Chrome console (however , not very familiar with it).

Maybe you can check this test site :

let me know if this helps

sorry, my OS is Windows 7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is not that you cannot select anything, but that the list has a light grey text color and it looks like it’s disabled. That happens on any Windows browser. On mac it looks good.


thanks bartek :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Hey @Michel @bartekkustra, this should be fixed on Windows now :smiley:

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Great to hear :) Thanks!

confirmed !

Thanks :slight_smile: 303030303030303030303030303030303030

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