Sections disappearing on 100%

Just started a new site, sections shrink to about 0% when i give them a height and width of 100%. First time iv seen it happen, not sure whats going on.
It acts fine if the height is set in pixels.

This is a photo when i just drop a section into the body and gave it a class.

This is what happens after i set the height and width at 100%. The section shrinks to what looks like 0% and just sticks to the top of the page.

An element needs computed dimensions to be displayed. Setting the width at 100% may be of, but the height would mean 100% of an unknown dimension, so it’s not calculated.

If you want a section height to be 100% of the visible window, you have to set its height to 100%, and the height of the element to 100% too.

Hi @vincent thank you for the reply.

The Section’s parent element is the body, which is minimum 100% so it should spread though the screen.

Iv already designed on site with webflow, that never happened before so im not sure perhaps its a bug?

Not its min height, its height.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Hi @vincent -

I left one section size on auto and the other one is on 100% which you cant really see but you can find on the navigator tab.

@Nir. Your body height attribute is set to auto your the public site. Double check.

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I dont understand, the site doesn’t show what you said it should… hero section has no height, not even in %. 100% would not work, you need to put 100% to the body too. WHat are you trying to do?

Im trying the same it doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi @Baseem_Ahmad, I would suggest to create a new post with your details, and then we can take a look and try to help :smile: Here are the posting guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

If you want a section to be 100% hight just use vh (viewport hight). You just need to enter 100vw and the section is a high as the screen :smile:

Thanks alot for your help i found the soulotion :smile:

But i have one problem i tried to find asoultion for it … And as this is my first time in webflow and a dsigner not coder … I did pop up modal but the website keep scrolling underneath which when i clost the modal i find my ls lf in other place :frowning:… Can i share my website and help me how can i do it … As some of the people here suggeted to copy paste a code but and i did but it did not work :pensive: !!!

Thanks in advance for your help and time.


this is my website, and im trying to solve the scrolling issue underneath the pop up modal :smile: i appreciate your help guys on this