Section's Animation


I have 2 issues,
Firstly, the page loader shows up after the site is loaded! (the site shows up, then the loading icon appears, then it disappears and then I can see the site again… kinda weird… any thoughts?

The second issue is that as you can see all the contents come in smoothly ( except for this one ( How can I make them synchronized properly??

Many thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Waldo please help me out one more time <3

@rileyrichter could u help me out with this?

Hello @Shine-On

are you still having this issue? I don’t see it happening on your site. If it’s still occurring you can always put your page loader at the very top of the list on navigation panel.

There’s no animation applied to that element so it’s not going to do anything unless you add one.