Sections and Grids

Hi All, I’m trying to move the About grid into a Section, but Webflow is telling me I can’t have a section within a section…But its a grid and not a section.

What I would like to do is move About Grid into a Section. I’ve tried changing the Tag under settings to something other than Section but this doesn’t help. Its like Webflow does not realize the Grid is a Grid!

If anyone could help I’d be much obliged


@Graphicer - You can’t nest the WF designer section component. So just drop a div wherever your want and style away. You could even convert the <div> to a <section>. Problem solved!

Thanks for your message webdev.

I’ve recreated the contents and added to a new section.

The problem that I thought this might overcome still persists…

The issue affects responsive design in landscape mobile mode. The Offers section is superimposed over the About section in the section above. Only happens on mobile landscape mode.

Is anyone able to check display on their phone in mobile landscape mode?

Any further help greatly appreciated.



You would need to share a valid published URL and tell us what browser?

hi @Graphicer the issue you are facing is related to hardcoded height instead let element breath (grow) when needs. You have explicitly set that section have to be 90vh no mother on viewport height. This means if viewport height will be 100pxthe conversation between you and element is something like this.

you: “hey element if viewport height will be 100px your height is a 90px”
element: “ok, but I need more space as my content what determine my hight is much higher than 90px”
you: “I do not care”
element: “Ok than, good luck”

All you have to do is use min-height instead

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Stan, thank yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu so much!!

That fixed it and helped my understanding at same time

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Thanks Webdev, problem now solved